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Sweden Supports Project Zimbabwe

Dear Matilda

Hope you had a safe travel back to Sweden and had a great time in South Africa.
Our container arrived in Zimbabwe on the 11 of May . It was our first time to receive osteomyelitis appliances in for of a container and the paperwork took a little more time than we expected . But it didn't pull us back.

Since we are working with the ministry of Health and child care in Zimbabwe we were given a free duty certificate and we didn't pay duty for the appliances received.

We also received a supporting letter from the Ministry of social services to assist us in the clearing for the container.

finally when the container arrived . That's when all the work started . We had to offload all the appliances from the container whilst it was on the truck, because the crane truck we got could only lift an empty container the boxes we carried on our heads to the ground from the truck .. Phew!! It wasn't easy but we did . After the container was places placed on the ground we then had to load back all the boxes in the container before it got dark.

The container which is now sited at one of the biggest hospital in Harare . ( Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals ) were we are going to be targeting patients easily.

We are very happy with all the appliances in the container and all the office furniture. Everything in the container is very very useful to us. We have plans to renovate the container into an office and so far we have everything we need to set up an office that will be easily accessible by all patients who come to the hospital.

We thank all the organisations and people who gave their time ,resources and money and made it possible for the container to come to Zimbabwe .to the Oatman in Zimbabwe. Honestly it's not easy living with an is to my in Zimbabwe ... the things we go through just to get a bag is just something else . I thank all the people who support IL CO Zimbabwe . I thank IL CO Sweden .. it is and has been very supportive in every way.

I would like to thank also Marie Steen . Not only has she been passionate in assisting IL CO Zim to be where it is now . She has been a mother to me and has helped me and taught me a lot in my life every other person I help in Zimbabwe is always thanks to her.

Thanks also to president of swedish Ilco, Peter andAnn, heini and Johnny . Not forgeting mom and dad for the love and support they have given me please find attached pictures of the container.

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