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Sweden Ostomy Association

The 6th of October ILCO Sweden Ostomy Association will arrange a conference at hotel Scandic Crown in Gothenburg. There will be several lectures held by doctors, surgeons and ostomates. There will also be Workshops concerning international cooperation, national healthcare, children/parents arrangements and the project for youth with IBS (Irritable Bowel Disease). Ostomy Supplies companies will participate with their exhibitions and the day will end with a panel debate.

In 2009, a special ILCO magazine was printed which the local associations in Sweden handed out at their arrangements at the World Ostomy Day. ILCO Sweden Ostomy Association is planning to print a similar magazine this year. The articles will be written in a way that makes the magazine useful several years.

A pin in silver imaging the colon was made to the Swedish Ostomy Day the 25th of March. It will be sold at the World Ostomy Day as well. During the day a prize will be given to someone who has made something special and important for ostomates. ILCO Sweden Ostomy Association will do a thorough documentation of the day and then participate in the competition arranged by EOA.

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