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WOD2012 Let's be heard ? that is motto of international ostomy day, that was announced by International Ostomy Association for October 06, 2012.

This project is welcome very warmly by Czech ILCO as the thought of having an ostomy comes with fear and anxiety in sufferers. This is due mainly to a distorted view based on experiences of twenty or thirty years ago where the quality or care was at that time, inadequate, but problems of social rehabilitation still exist and this is where the Czech ILCO can help. The Czech ILCO has spent many years trying to counter the myths that have arisen from fears of an ostomy by supplying relevant information to persons who are in the Medical profession and to the general public. The information contains details about living with an ostomy and provides details of the various associations that give advice and help. This year Czech ILCO will continue to intensify their efforts in bringing these topics to the attention of governmental and medical organisations and educating the general public in these matters. Here are some of the myths that circulate:

  • An ileostomy is necessary after colon cancer.
  • Sufferers would rather die than have an ostomy operation.
  • I am too young to have such an operation.
  • With an ostomy I can't go out and socialise with people.
  • I feel I can't tell anyone that I have an ostomy.
  • There is no one that can help me with this problem.
  • In order to counter some of these myths the Chairman of the Czech ILCO Marie Redinova will discuss them as part of her presentations being held at Prague's Oncological Colloquium in Prague, January 25th, / March 1st 2012 she will present her lecture Life with ostomy by patients with IBD, on April 21st 2012 in Brno, and at the NGO Market, National Technical Library, Prague on May 11, 2012. There is an open invitation to all concerned. NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) Market is the largest presentation of non-profitable organisations in Europe (info: www.FORUM2000.cz).

    In 2011 one of our celebrated members actor, director, university lecturer and mime artist, Boris Hybner gave a very interesting presentation at this event on how to live a normal life with this condition.

    Czech ILCO is presently preparing an international project 'Life without Limits' in collaboration with SLOVILCO and Deustsche ILCO. This project will seek to find out how people with an ostomy fair under the Charter rights in individual countries with emphasis being placed on the pre-operative care and follow up care for life. We will keep you informed of other future events.

    Marie Redinova
    Czech ILCO

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