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WOD - Colima, Mexico

Colima Mexico Ostomy Association affiliated to the IOA through the NCACOA Region participated in the last two celebrations of World Ostomy day:
In 2006 and in 2009 (represented Mexico and received first place in the region of the Americas.
Now in celebration of this year 2012 in order to engage and motivate ostomates area countries of Spanish-speaking Central America, we celebrate this great day with our Central American brothers ostomates.

In July 2012 we visited these countries demonstrating the importance of this celebration and give ostomates decals to be placed on your vehicles with the company logo established by Coloplast.

The places chosen was Tegucilgapa City, Honduras being in the central part of that region. The program will be held from 10 to 15 hrs of Saturday October 10. under the following order:

  • 1. Opening Remarks by Mr. Jorge Gómez, coordinator of the stoma of Honduras.

  • 2. Words alluding to WOD 2012 by Jorge Vargas Morales, vice president NCACAO Region.

  • 3. Parade of banners and flags of the participating countries.

  • 4. A nurse ET Conference from Honduras Military Hospital.

  • 5. Number of Honduran folk music.

  • 6. Intervention of a Physician Coloproctologo from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

  • 7. Projecting a video alluding to the psychological aspect of a person with an ostomy.

  • 8. Roundtable fememnino ostomate staff led by Mrs. Ofelia Delgado Puente.

  • 9. Refreshments

  • 10. Farewell

Jorge Vargas Morales,
Colima, México

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