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A Tribute to
Dato John Cardosa

Dato John Cardosa passed away in the morning of October 6, 2011 due to lingering illness. He is survived by his wife and children.
The story of Dato John David Cardosa goes a long way as he has touched a lot of peoples lives merely by the energy and passion in the way he has lived life and witnessed to it.

He reveals that he had made a vow in the year 1972 when he was given a death sentence by his doctors then. It was then that he made a vow to serve his fellowmen for as long as he is able to do. It inspires everyone to know that he has been faithful in his promise to our Lord and Master who have actually gifted him with 38 years more of a well lived life. When Dato John was still alive, he would say "every additional day I am alive is a bonus, it is the reason for me to serve Him through my fellow ostomates and cancer survivors."

Dato John was a long time AOA President for 3 year term in his own right. In 1998, the then President Tahir of Malaysia, was unable to travel to IOA Executive Meeting due to illness. Dato John was deputized to attend in his stead. He was first elected as AOA President in his own right in 1999 and served for 3 years up to 2002 during the Manila AOA Conference. At the House of Delegates Meeting in Manila, Dato John proposed Dr. Harikesh Buch of Mumbai as the AOA President for the term of office 2002 to 2005, but Dr. Buch refused to accept this position unless Dato John remained on the AOA Council as Secretary and Treasurer. He had to agree to those terms and Dr. Buch, was elected the AOA President, while John Cardosa served as Secretary and Treasurer of the AOA. In 2005, at the Bangkok AOA Conference, he was again voted in as President of the AOA. So in actual fact, Dato John has served for 3 terms. He would have not served for these long if not for the charisma, the smile and the love he had for people.

Rest in peace our dear friend Dato John David Cardosa.

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