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OAA 2nd Regional Conference 2016

Bogota, Colombia OAA Conference

The Association of ostomy of the Americas, or OAA, one of the three Regions of the IOA, will hold its 2nd Day of Conference Regional in Bogotá, Colombia from 20 to 22 October 2016, organized by the Colombian Association of Ostomy (ACDO )

This conference is organized to provide a forum for:

    • Bringing together leaders of the two sub-regions of the OAA, North and Central America and the Association of ostomy Caribbean or NCACOA, and the Latin American Association of Ostomy or ALADO to develop a regional strategic plan OAA programs and activities for years 2016-2019, allowing NCACOA ALADO and House of Delegates convene meetings to carry out the work of these organizations and elect their Committee to serve from 2016 until 2019. Habrá at least one representative of each present nine member associations fully fledged ALADO and 5 each full member associations of NCACOA;

    • Provide a training course for the stoma nurses ALADO rural area;

    • Provide training ISCAP (Promotion of International Program Stoma Care) for leaders of the OAA association so they can interact more effectively with their national governments and advocate more effectively for the benefit of patients ostomy country ;

    • Provide educational training for ostomy patients and their caregivers to be better informed about maintaining a meaningful life quality with your bowel or urinary diversion;

    • Provide all attendees the opportunity to meet representatives of the manufacturers of ostomy products and see firsthand and learn about the distinctive characteristics of ostomy products they have to choose. In many cases the information will be made to share with his colleagues back to their hometowns.

    • And finally, it will provide an opportunity for people to come together to share experiences, to help in solving problems related to ostomy and mutual exchange of information to strengthen the solidarity of the Latin American Community.

Please find important information from the following documents.

Programme of Activities


For further inquiries please notify OAA President Mariela Acero thru her email.

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