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Adelaide Congress Report

IOA Chairperson's WCET Adelaide Congress Report 19-23 April 2012

The opportunities that have accrued from attending the WCET Congress in Adelaide and making the most of the opportunities to network were extremely valuable. Many group and individual meetings were sought. Contacts with President Louise and members of the WCET Board were invaluable.
Many opportunities were taken to meet with Industry and ET's from around the world where projects are mooted or underway.

WCET Programme
Trade Display:
A very impressive trade display was opened at the Welcome function on the Thursday evening. There was much space to easily move between exhibits and view the large number of stands present. Both Fiona Bolton (Conference Convener) and President Louise Forest Lalande addressed the conferees present.

Earlier in the day IOA was able to use a small part of a wall in the ACSA Booth to mount a display about IOA structures and website addresses.

Grand Opening Friday: The impressive Australia Girls Choir were an integral part of the opening programme and begun with "We Are One".

Both Fiona Bolton (Conference Convener) and Louise Forest-Lalande addressed the approx 900 who were assembled.

The Lord Mayor of Adelaide Stephen Yarwood gave a welcome address followed by Mary Jo Kroeberâ'˜s address on the Conference Theme "Weaving Culture Education and Technology into a brilliant blend".

Following the installation of Life Member Judy Chamberlain ,there was a most impressive parade of the Delegates from the 47 nations present. Many were wearing their national costumes.

WCET Programme

The following 3 days saw up to 4 streams of topics offered where highly competent speakers (mainly ET's) gave short addresses.

The final speaker, before the closing ceremony, was possibly the highlight of the programme. Associate Professor Kerry Reid Searle appeared in many dressed up roles talking about a different way to teach her students.

She was educator of the year in 2010.

General Meeting of Delegates:
A short address to the General meeting on Sunday, when the 47 delegates and members of the executive and observers were present, was given.

Included were information about the Current structure of IOA, World Ostomy Day and IOA and WCET working together on forming new associations, teaching the visitor programme, working on projects and improving the reimbursement schemes in many countries. Emphasis on working together was made and it seemed that this point was well received.


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